Soil Surveys

ASTM D7007 Damage caused by heavy machinery while installing earth materials on geomembranes is the most significant cause of damage to geomembranes. A geoelectric leak location survey of the soil-covered geomembrane of a newly constructed landfill is a very cost effective method for finding leaks that occur while placing a protective soil cover over the geomembrane liner. The method has a distinct advantage because the testing is done after the final construction and after the geomembrane liner has been subjected to construction and loading activity. Procedures for this method are specified in ASTM standard D7007.

ASTM D7007 Surveys with soil on the liner are conducted by making point-by-point electrical measurements on the soil. The data is recorded in a portable data acquisition logger and then downloaded to a portable computer for processing and data analysis in the field.

ASTM D7007